A Scary Thought

What if, all of a sudden, we all forgot how to communicate with each other? We forgot how to read, write, speak, listen, and interpret human behavior. All we had were our thoughts and our thoughts alone. No input or output of information. How long would it be before we lost our minds? How long would it be before you yearned, no, absolutely lusted for contact? I would look at you, you would look at me and nothing would happen. There would be no chemistry. There would be no awkward glances. Our eyes would connect in an empty gaze with no spark between them.

Body language would not and could not be read. It is as if we all spoke a different language with nothing in common. A smile would not be seen as happiness. A frown would not identify sadness. No matter how much we desired to find someone who understood what we were trying to say or feel, we would never be satisfied.

Go ahead. Scream all you want. No one can hear you.

And you know that… but still, you’ll try. Stuck in the prison of your own mind, you want nothing more than to reach out to someone. Anyone.